Survival Food


The Lost Ways Program

survival food videoWhether you want to learn survival skills while hunting, hiking, camping or just to be prepared for unexpected disasters, you must posses the most fundamental survival skills – knowledge on how to make ultimate survival food.

In this cutting edge video, Claude Davis, the author of The Lost Ways program, will teach you how to make a super food called “Pemmican” that will last a lifetime without refrigeration.

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Survival Equipment


#1 Folding Credit Card Knife

Folding Credit Card KnifeThe 2mm thin Instablade is the size of your credit card. Designed for safety, strength, and convenience, it is just a 10th of the thickness of conventional utility knives. Manufactured from stainless steel, it is strong, durable, sharp and won’t rust.

The unique folding system of the Instablade provides compact storage in your wallet or pocket, while protecting the blade, and preventing accidental injury. This blade cuts everything except your budget.

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#2 Emergency Waterproof Firestarter

Emergency Waterproof FirestarterTraditional matches have changed little over the past few decades, which means they are still unreliable when damp and bulky to carry in your pocket. The compact, waterproof Everstryke Match breaks all these limitations with a staggering 15,000 long burning strikes per unit.

The built-in Ferro Rod and Wick design make this the only match that offers 3000-degree strikes and a 600-degree Fahrenheit flame. The Everstryke Match is unashamedly unmatchable.

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#3 Ultra Bright PopLamp

Ultra Bright PopLampThis innovative 300 lumen, 4-ounce light is all you’ll ever need. Its compact, waterproof design ensures that the built-in LED and strobe lights will always be a reliable resource in any situation.

The light options are interchangeable with just a twist and the Poplamp’s SOS signal is an added safety feature. The ingenuity of the Poplamp makes it the ideal light at home, in the car, or on any outdoor adventure.

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#4 Emergency Vehicle Escape Tool

Emergency Vehicle Escape ToolThis is the ultimate tool for escaping in a vehicle emergency. The 3-inch-long Evac3 will add only .6 ounces to your keychain or pocket. The durable ultra-sharp Evac3’s blade is designed to quickly cut through restricting seatbelts.

Closed windows are no match for its spring-loaded hardened steel tip either. Evac3 turns you into Houdini when it really counts and has a whistle to broadcast your distress call when you need to save your voice.

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#5 HyBeam Tactical Flashlight

HyBeam Tactical FlashlightThe compact weight and size of the HyBeam is no indication of its capability. This bright light offers great visibility with three settings for customized use: high, low and strobe.

The waterproof body, made from aircraft grade aluminum, is durable but lightweight. The Hybeam is shock resistant and this, combined with its beveled edge, makes it a good self-defense option too. The Hybeam is highly reliable and portable.

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#6 11-Function Survival Card

11 Function Multi Card ToolThe multi-function Survival Business Card is the ultimate utility innovation. Its innovative design makes a business card slot in your wallet the control center for domestic, mechanical and survival situations.

It opens bottles and cans, includes knife and saw blades, and acts as a ruler and direction ancillary Indicator. The slotted/ flathead screwdriver, multi-position wrench, and wingnut wrench features are perfect for quick fixes. The unit has a keychain/ lanyard hole for easy access too.

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